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    The same team behind our powerful online collaboration platform is also available for selected outside projects.

    We bring our web, database, and media management expertise to industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, furniture manufacturing, banking, art museums, and theater companies.  And a majority of our projects lie beyond the world of photos: we've worked on OLAP warehouses, streaming video, e-commerce database integration, and even unlocking cell phones! 

    There's no need to be a FigureOne subscriber to have our consulting team work on your projects.  Of course, if you do use FigureOne, the team is super-adept at integrating in-house databases with FigureOne client sites, so you can archive usage data to your internal DAM, sync up spec lists, import images from royalty-free collections, and build whatever other bridges we can dream up!  (If you're exploring a corporate DAM implementation, bring us into the loop early so we can help you integrate with our app.)

    Contact the consulting team using the quick form on the right or write to